Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Foxconn and what kind of jobs are they bringing to Wisconsin?
  • Foxconn is locating in Wisconsin and will create 13,000 new jobs and invest up to $10 billion.
  • Foxconn specializes in design, manufacturing and assembly of global computer and high-tech consumer electronics products.
  • The company, the fourth-largest technology company in the world, is well known as the assembler of iPhones.
  • Foxconn has chosen Wisconsin to build a new high-tech manufacturing and technology campus to build liquid crystal displays (LCD). This will be the first LCD facility of any kind in North America and will manufacture LCD screens that will be used in everything from self-driving cars to aircraft systems and in the fields of education, entertainment, health care, safety and surveillance.
  • The campus will employ thousands of engineers and skilled workers.
  • The average wage will be $53,875 per year plus benefits.

Foxconn in Wisconsin - Facts & Figures

Where will this be located?
  • Foxconn has selected a location in the Village of Mount Pleasant east of Interstate I-94 between KR and Braun Road.
  • Businesses all over Wisconsin will benefit from the supply chain needs of Foxconn.
When will this happen?
  • Hiring, permitting, planning and construction are set to begin immediately.
  • Foxconn plans to be operational in 2020.
  • Tentative Construction Timeline Goals:
    • Groundbreaking: Spring 2018
    • LCM Assembly Operations: Winter 2018
    • Project Complete: 2021

How is the State of Wisconsin supporting this project?
  • Wisconsin is providing up to $3 billion in incentives over 15 years:
    • Up to $1.5 billion in state income tax credits for job creation
    • Up to $1.35 billion in state income tax credits for capital investment
    • Estimated $150 million for the sales and use tax exemption
  • All tax credits are “pay as you grow.” Foxconn must create jobs and invest capital in Wisconsin before it is eligible for any tax incentives.
  • The tax credits must be earned. Foxconn will only earn the maximum amount of tax credits, $2.85 billion, after it has created and maintained 13,000 jobs and invested $9 billion.
  • Similar to the construction of the Milwaukee Bucks arena, Foxconn will be eligible for a sales tax holiday for the purchase of construction materials.
  • Upon achieving 13,000 FTE, Foxconn’s payroll will be an estimated $800 million per year.
How is this transformational?
  • Foxconn is bringing the future of manufacturing to the U.S., and Wisconsin will be the leader. The technology of the future will be discovered and built in Wisconsin.
  • This project will have an impact not just on southeastern Wisconsin but on the entire state. Foxconn will have significant supply-chain needs that will create new opportunities and open new markets to companies in numerous industries throughout the state.